BOXED - is a fictional love story of Leah and Dovid and their journey in a boxcar en-route to Auschwitz. 
The unusual nature of the film's narrative creates a palate for relating their story during two distinct eras, the early 1940's and the early 1970's. 
BOXED is a story of faith, hope, and survival, while struggling to overcome the clutches of true evil. 

BOXED is believed to be the first film about the Holocaust film to have been produced in Florida.

BOXED was filmed mostly in Yiddish with some German and English rounding out the dialogue. It is, however, complete with subtitles. 

BOXED is coming to Film Festivals all over the World!

Currently Screening on Lifetime Television

KILLER ISLAND - Another Suspense/Thriller - from Director Alyn Darnay and Concord Films
Winner "Best Feature Film" - at the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival

GIRLFRIEND KILLER - the fourth film in the "Killer Series" - from Director Alyn Darnay & Concord Films
Winner "Best Feature Film"at two Film Festivals

Check out both films, they're good mysteries that'll keep you guessing.

BOYFRIEND KILLER - An engaging mystery set on Miami's glittering Gold Coast -From Director Alyn Darnay & Concord Films.
Airing periodically on Lifetime Television and Lifetime Movie Network.

IMMUNITY - A Holocaust film, directed by Alyn Darnay. Currently winning awards at film festivals across the world.

SHADOW FIGHTER - An inner city fable, directed by Alyn Darnay and starring actors Burt Reynolds and Steve Daron.
*Winner "Best Action Film" - Studio City International Film Festival - Los Angeles
* Winner "Best Dramatic Feature" - Kapow Intergalatic Film Festival - Los Angeles
*Winner "Best Florida Film" - Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival - Fort Lauderdale

Director Alyn Darnay
- winner of thirty-three outstanding awards of excellence for writing and directing
specializes in the creation of feature length motion pictures, scripts and movie reviews

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